The ELHembroidery Story

Emma ELHembroidery

Firstly, welcome to ELHembroidery!

Whether you've worked with me before or you're new to the community, I'm glad you're here.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Emma, the maker and creator at ELHembroidery.

This all came about a few years ago from me trying something new, I had never embroidered anything before or even thought about it until I found _hiedra_ on Instagram (if you don't follow her, go take a look at her work you won't be disappointed).

I bought myself a kantan needle and an embroidery hoop and got to work practicing...

I started working on hessian fabric because it was all I had to work with but i soon ended up with blisters and scrapes all over my thumbs from rubbing against the fabric, not the best idea I'll be honest.

I wasn't discouraged and ended up making a very rudimentary version of the pet embroideries i make today on the fabric from an old t-shirt - it was only outline and very wonky but it was a start.

Later that year my mum decided to push me to make a cleaner, more polished version for her friend as a Christmas present. This time around I went back to the hessian (I don't know why, maybe i forgot about the blisters) and started filling in the embroidery bit by bit, it honestly took me about 6 weeks to finish but it was worth it.

When Christmas came around, my mums friends go had become poorly and receiving the embroidery meant more to her than we could have ever imagined. The following January I opened my Etsy shop and worked and worked to make my pieces the best they could be.

In the few years since that first rudimentary embroidery I'm glad to say I've improved on my craft and now work with customers all over the world, working on hundreds of unique pieces every year.

I've also in that time managed to find my feet in the world, originally landing an incredible job as Graphic Designer making jigsaw puzzles (I know right?!) and now promoted to manage product development for the same company.

I can't tell you how immensely happy and proud I am to have you along this journey with me and I hope you'll stay along for the ride!

Emma - ELHembroidery Owner and Maker


My first ever, very wobbly, pet embroidery and the Christmas gift to my mums friend